Men who Pray: a (sometimes) traveling podcast for Christian fathers and‍‍‍ young men

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Our ministry is driven by three primary prayers:

  1. Lord, show us what it looks like to, "Forsake all to follow You?" (5:11)
  2. Father, how can we live a lifestyle which demonstrates Your faithfulness? (Ps. 25:3, 27:13)
  3. Make us one as You, Jesus, are One wit‍‍‍h the Father (John 17:11, 21)

We're traveling the West Coast in our Sprinter van to visit and encourage small church communities. View the tentative schedule.

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Browse a running photo gallery of the journey. We'll try to add pictures from each of our stops along the way.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Whether persecutions or plenty, they shared it all in common. And it continues to hold true today -  this type of "one accord" love stands in stark contrast to the love of the world, "I've never seen love like this before."

As we come alongside believers all across the West Coast in prayer, we are contending with God for a revival of unity. Starting first with men who are willing to forsake all and follow Jesus. Learning what it means to live fully satisfied IN HIM as they tend their garden together. With His presence and proximity as their chief pursuit and greatest reward. Then, extending that unity to the man's relationship with his wife and children. Sacrificially loving them as Christ loves the church and leading and commanding their homes through prayer and the teaching of the words of God. Once the home is in order, then prayerfully seeking and finding a handful of other believers in their local community with whom to do life with as one.

We believe this progression of Spirit-led unity to be sustainably healthy, generationally focused and missionally attractive as a lifestyle of evangelism.

In the early church, it wasn't the power, the programs or the personalities which attracted new believers - it was‍‍‍ the love for each other.


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Make us‍‍‍ one as You are One

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