Thursday, November 7, 2019

Jeremiah 33:3 - Strength in the unknowing

What great mystery lies in front of you? What impossible task?

Are you confronted daily with the immensity of your unknowing? Or are you content in your knowledge? 

Can you explain, define, and defend every aspect of God’s working and nature? Is your faith for defending, or is it for defying?

Is there anything left in front of you which you see in part, but cannot grasp?

Can you any longer claim an urgency in your unknowing? A desperation to call unto the Almighty God for sight you do not yet possess?

Have your eyes then been opened completely, or dare we say they are now shut soundly? Content in your blindness or dependent on Him because of it?

Does your arrogance allow for mystery, or does your humility require it?

You say, "If I cannot perfectly define every detail of my foundation, then how could I possibly stand on it?"

The trouble with a foundation of this sort is it serves to lift ourselves higher, and thus is prone to crumble.

The path to strength lies not higher, but lower. Not more definition, but more mystery. Not in our own words of human wisdom, but in mysteries unsearchable — that a God eternal, perfect, all-knowing, infinite, would extend an invitation such — call to Me and I WILL ANSWER.

Humbled in our unknowing then, or exalted in our certainty? Lord, let it never be the latter.

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