Thursday, November 7, 2019

Re: vain repetition of "holy, holy, holy"

We will remember Your name in this place.
We will never forget that You are the one who caused us “to be.”
The I AM God caused us “to be” with His breath in our lungs and His word hidden in our hearts.
In response, we set our “yester” [creative, forming, imagining mind] on the “zeker” [memorial, remembrance] of Your name. (Ex. 3:15, Is. 26:3–9)
This in contrast to those who put their yester on false gods, idols, created things, and self. (Hab. 2:19, Rom. 1:22–25)
We serve a Creator God — a creative God. The endless complexities of nature came from Him; both the creation we know about and the undiscovered depths of nature that even after 1,000’s of years of searching and documenting we have yet to reach the end of.
Re: vain repetitions, crying out, “Holy, holy, holy” for all of eternity.
How can this not be vain repetition?
It’s not because of its truth, as in God is holy, and thus it is not vain repetition to say it over and over.
No, it’s because each time they say it, “Holy, holy, holy,” they say it from a brand new place of understanding — as in, we never knew Him as holy like this before.
For eternity we sing, “Holy, holy, holy,” and never run out of deeper revelation into this single attribute of God. Why? Because He is a mystery to be revealed for all eternity. There is no end to the depth of the mystery of Your holiness.
Yet we’ve settled for an imitation, a moment in time definition, formed and fashioned in our own image — what makes sense to us. And as with anything fashioned by human hands, we’ve grown old with it.
We say, “We’ve heard it all before.”
Our lives are stale. We’ve satisfied ourselves (grown fat) on moldy bread. It’s no wonder then that all our efforts for righteousness feel like striving. That we find them wearisome and thus find ourselves burnt out, fully consumed by the trials of life.
“I’m just trying to keep my head above water.”
“I just don’t have the capacity for much else right now. It’s been a long season.”
It’s no wonder our marriages suffer, that we’re sick in body and unordered in the head. We’ve hidden an inferior word in our heart, one full of mold and familiarity. Thus, our only recourse is to chase “new” and to seek fascination in the depths of “self.”
  • my gift
  • my calling
  • my ambitions
  • my passions
  • my dreams
We’ve lost the wonder of the depths of God because we no longer allow ourselves to fear Him. Reverence keeps us from sinning. Yet we don’t know how to reconcile this God with the sacrificial love of Jesus. So we choose friend over fear, entering into agreement with familiarity.
We begin to serve a God who can be known, defined and fashioned to serve our will. This is an idol. “Holy, holy, holy,” is our saving cry. Fascinate us again Creator God! Let fear replace familiarity. I take off my sandals, take my hand off the plow and turn aside from my task to see about this great and wondrous sight.

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