Thursday, November 7, 2019

The freedom to be sanctified

In the pursuit of freedom, we’ve forgotten the freedom to choose to be sanctified — 

  •  To freely choose to give up our will for any pursuit other than the glory of God. 
  • To freely separate ourselves from the desires, hobbies and past-times of the world in order to live as pilgrims and wanderers on this earth. 
We’ve pursued freedom from the law, from traditions, from external works of holiness — pushing the boundaries and demanding no judgment for this lifestyle. Using blanket words such as, “religious spirit,” we’ve pursued these freedoms as though they were necessary salvation from bondage. 

 In reality, these new “freedoms” become bondage for us. A prison built with the walls of demanding the right to live compromised and still be called a container of God’s holiness, righteousness and Spirit. Pure deception! 

We can choose to live a life set apart and still be free from the demands of the law. This is the freedom for which Christ has set you free.

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