Derek, April 9 2019

"A Hundred Years From Now" by Walden Parker

It will not make much difference, friend, 

A hundred years from now, 

If you live in a stately mansion Or on a floating river scow; 

If the clothes you wear are tailor-made 

Or pieced together somehow, 

If you eat big steaks or beans and cake 

A hundred years from now.

It won’t matter about your bank account

Or the make of car you drive,

For the grave will claim your riches and fame

And the things for which you strive.

There’s a deadline we all must meet

And no one will turn up late,

It won’t matter then all the places you’ve been,

Each one will keep that date.

We will only have in eternity

What we gave away on earth,

When we go to the grave we can only save

The things of eternal worth,

What matters, friend, the earthly gain

For which some men always bow?

For your destiny will be sealed, you see

A hundred years from now.

"A Hundred Years From Now" by Walden Parker

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