Derek, August 29 2018

Jesus is calling us away to new life with Him

Here is what it sounds like...

A call to fall in love, like the very first time

A call to the secret place, and a continual burning hunger to remain here

A call to full sacrifice, death to self

A call to childlike innocence

A call to love others above ourselves, at all times, no exceptions

A call to be so continually emptied of our self, and filled with His Spirit, that we manifest his glory, his holiness

A call to turn aside from our task, take our hand off the plow and rearrange our lives, priorities, preferences, affections to make room for His glory and holiness

A call to reverence and fear of the Lord, to always take off our sandals and never steal His glory by naming something after ourselves

A call to humility as we take no credit for whatever God does thru us and as we consider the needs of others above our own

A call to faith fueled wonder as we expectantly wait to see what He’s going to do next, never falling into the trap of formulas, familiarity or fear.

A call receive strength for whatever impossible task we face, when we judge Him faithful

A call to rule and reign, as empty vessels, bearing His image, continually manifesting His glory, holiness and Spirit. The applications of this are endless.

Selah — we pause in Your presence Jesus. Thank you!

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