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Sharing the Gospel with your kids (and vice versa)

Our three kids shared the Gospel with us today.

We sat around the kitchen table and, one by one, each of them told us the Good News in their own words.

Our 9-year old described Jesus as the hope for peace when before we had none.

Our 8-year old taught us that Jesus is a Shepherd who cares for His sheep and we are His sheep.

Our 6-year old used the color black and the color white to paint the picture of Jesus as Light. The room was dark and He turned on the light. Now we are shining with Him.

To receive the Gospel from the mouths of babes...made my heart glad.

By the time I left that table, I saw Jesus differently than when I had arrived. Not just as a sacrifice or substitute, not simply the death, burial and resurrection - these things were top of mind for me. But now I saw Him as the hope of peace, a good shepherd and light in the darkness.

This moment was special, but it did not happen by accident.

Last Sunday we sat together as a family to present the Gospel to our children. We walked them through the full presentation, which lasted a little over an hour.

We outlined the message into six parts for them:

Each of the six sections had a definition, questions & responses, which we repeated as a family, and Scriptures to support the claims.

Big, weighty concepts for kids? Yes!But beyond their ability to understand? No, not with the Spirit of understanding to guide them.

And the Spirit of understanding at work couldn't have been more evident as we commissioned them with an assignment afterward, "Next Sunday it will be your turn to share the Gospel with us."

Why do I say more evident?

Because for all my notes, planning, six-part outline - do you know which descriptions of Jesus were not explicitly covered?

These came not from them repeating our words, but from them listening to our words, studying them for themselves and then hearing the Holy Spirit guide them into their own understanding of who Jesus is.

During the week, it was up to them, with a little encouragement from us, to study the notes, read the Scriptures and prepare their presentation.

Did they need a little coaching as they studied? Definitely. And what better way to spend time with your kids - pastoring them, leading, guiding them into the truth and into a lifelong relationship with the Truth.

Have you shared the Gospel with your kids? Do you know what the Good News is for yourself and why it's Good News? Are you leading them into this truth for themselves?

The purpose of this post is singular - to spur you on to do these things in your home. Not being overcome by evil, but overcoming evil with good.

As a resource, here are the notes we shared with the kids last Sunday - outlining the six-parts, questions & responses, and supporting Scripture.

Use this as a guide around your table this week, or use something else. The important part isn't the specific resource, but the action itself, leading to faith, as you begin to pastor your home.


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