Derek, August 29 2018

We are not the greatest generation

We are not the greatest generation. We are a generation. We are the current one living and as such carry a responsibility to hear from the Spirit and live a sacrificial life, walking daily with Jesus, cups running over, as we confess our sins one to another.

God will always make His glory known and it is for the manifestation of His glory that we choose to live in this sacrificial way.

However, to take credit for glory manifesting and to put onto ourselves, like a beautiful garment, the title of greatest generation, is to proudly showcase the fruit of pride. I say proudly because we no longer view this activity as the sin it is, instead we call it things like, “our gifting,” “our destiny,” and, “our calling.”

Oh that we could crucify once and for all our greatness. Humble us, God as we approach your throne boldly but in brokenness. Our splendor pales in comparison to the shining, radiant light of Your glory. Forgive us for entering into competition with You and show us mercy as we finally break our idols and throw them into Your consuming fire.

You don’t need us, but it is my desperate plea to need You more and more every hour.

I have replaced the honorable title of “humble servant” with the name “exalted and anointed one,” as I’ve sought to draw all men to myself. And not only replaced, but thrown down in disgust as too lowly for someone with my particular giftings.

The favor of Your face wasn’t enough for me so I sought the validation of men. My worth came to be found in what they called me and how many of them called me it. “I’m quite important to the Lord’s efforts,” I told myself.

I didn’t realize what I was actually saying was, “Your title of beloved over my life isn’t enough for me AND I don’t believe You are powerful enough to make Your glory known on this earth without my help.”

As Jesus modeled for us,

Even tho I am torn within, and my soul is in turmoil, I will not ask the Father to rescue me from this hour of trial. For I have come to fulfill my purpose — to offer myself to God. So, Father, bring glory to your name! Then suddenly a booming voice was heard from the sky,I have glorified my name! And I will glorify it thru you again!” John 12:27–28

And farther along in the same chapter we see the unfortunate response of those who refuse to give up their greatness, verses 42–43,

Yet there were many Jewish leaders who believed in Jesus, but because they feared the pharisees they kept it secret, so they wouldn’t be ostracized by the assembly of the Jews. For they loved the glory that men could give them rather than the glory that came from God!

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