We're a family of believers financing a lifestyle of prayer, worship and missions by offering marketing solutions.





‍‍‍Brand Strategy
for‍‍‍ a BCG bac‍‍‍ked startup

Value Proposition Canvas
‍‍‍gro‍‍‍up fac‍‍‍ilitated exercises

Brand Personality
group facilitated exercises

Conte‍‍‍nt Strategy
for a creative agency

Audience Se‍‍‍gmentation
for a multi-campus church

‍‍‍Business Card Design
for our home prayer group

Brand Personality
group facilitated exercises

Facebook Adv‍‍‍ertising
for a Fortune 100 CSR program

‍‍‍Shopify Store
e-commerce concept company

User Onboarding Wireframes
‍‍‍‍‍‍for a global manufacturing brand‍‍‍

Companies typically hire us as a temporary extension of their team in order to:

  • expand capacity
  • facilitate group sessions
  • conduct research
  • or act as an on-going strategic advisor

Because our work is so varied in scope, view samples of our work below or download a sample presentation deck which outlines our "Just Enough" marketing philosophy to get an idea of what we can do.

Feel free to save a copy of the presentation for your use if you'd like. Simply open the document, click "File" and then "Make a Copy."



While we don't have project openings very often, we're always open to sharing advice and being a resource. Feel free to get in touch so we can begin a conversation.

Either send us an email: derek@thefoundseries.com

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Handwritten Letters
for a concept company

Qualitative Interviews

Business plan and

concept landing page

Website Redesign
for a Fortune 100 CSR program

‍‍‍Rebrandi‍‍‍ng Project
for a city gov‍‍‍ernment

Media Company
for a professional sports team

Busin‍‍‍ess Plan Creation
for a non-profit cafe